Our History

Our history

It was 1887. Nineteenth century was coming to a close.
Sheikh Ghulam Ali, a school teacher, took retirement from his teaching career to set up a publishing house in Lahore.
At that time, publishing business, like all other businesses, was the exclusive domain of the Hindu community of Lahore. Hence, being a calligraphist, he started with calligraphy of the Holy Quran, chapter by chapter.
These calligraphic chapters of the Holy Quran, i.e. Siparas, laid the foundation of the publishing house. Sheikh Ghulam Ali himself saw his publishing house grow and thrive over the next half century. He passed away in 1938.
Since then, Sheikh Ghulam Ali & Sons has moved into its 4th generation. Here is the site to tell you the story of the ups and downs of this old publishing house of Indo-Pak sub-continent.
Sheikh Ghulam Ali & Sons has the honour of being the publisher of Allama Iqbal’s poetic collections during his life time.
The publishing house has excelled in vernacular, Persian and Arabic books on religious, historic and literary topics. It has the illustrious names of authors such as Maulana Ghulam Rasool Mehr, Naseem Amrohvi, A Hameed, Raees Ahmed Jafri and Maulana Murtaza Hussain Fazil amongst its publications.
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